Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Next project!

Haven't posted in a while, here is why!  Just helped a friend close on his 2nd investment property and we spent the weekend demoing and renoing! 
Empty Dumpster (Not for long!)

1st big score!  We found the Sprinkler valve control box and all the zones work though in need of a few small repairs and a new controller.
Bathroom demo uncovers significant mold.
 This is what lurks behind MANY bathroom walls.

Bathroom demo taking shape!
We picked the hardest window to install first but eventually we got it done!
View from living room to Kitchen and dining area.  To get top rental dollar as well as top price at time of resale, creating an open concept Kitchen/Living space is really the way to go.  It will be significant expense to the budget but a worthwhile one.

This was the most challenging aspect to think through as we needed to make sure that if we totally change the kitchen layout that the existing cabinets could still be made to work.  In the end, we still have all the proper sized cabinets to fit in and make the redesign.  We will only need to make modifications to one of the upper cabinets which will easily be done.
It was a long, dirty, but productive weekend!

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