Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reality Home

Yesterday was another great day in real estate!  Got to help another friend move one step closer to making his dream a reality.  Jon has dubbed me the "Tom Brady of Real Estate" (though these days that may not be such a good thing!), though I feel more like Edwin Moses because we had so many hurdles to jump!  He and his Fiance Kindra will be starting renovations on this incredible fixer upper in the Lake Magdalene section of Tampa.
The Happy Couple
When you have a long wish list for your home and challenging financing conditions, you need a strong and experienced agent to navigate the waters.  We successfully negotiated ALL CLOSING COSTS to be paid by the seller in spite of an extremely strong sellers market where concessions are usually few and far between. We also anticipated required repairs that would block FHA financing approval and had them negotiated and completed BEFORE the appraisal so as to keep the timing of the deal on track. Working in tandem with my mortgage partner Bryan Marx at NFM Lending, we also got this transaction closed several days EARLY!  Structuring our deal the way we did will enable Jon to keep the maximum amount of money in his hands so he can put it towards his renovation and the smooth loan transaction and early closing gives him more time to get his renovations complete to make their Dream Home a Reality Home!

I sentence you to 45 days of renovation hell!

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